10 Long Lasting Perfumes for Men in India below 500 Rupees

When it comes to boosting your confidence, perfumes goes a long way by making sure that you smell good. A pleasant scent from a perfume helps create an impression say like whenever you attend an event or get involved in other interactive activities. Various aspects determine which kind of a perfume you select, including the nature of its smell and the price. Usually, most people prefer cheap perfumes while still going for one that will serve them for a prolonged period. In this article, we will look at various long lasting perfumes for men in India below 500 rupees.

Where to Find Long Lasting Perfumes For Mens in India Below 500

Before purchasing a perfume, you should, first of all, check out some of the features it bears. Price is also an essential consideration while going through review from existing users can be helpful.

Perfume stores are some of the most reliable places you can find a variety of such. From long lasting perfumes for men in India below 1000 rupees to long lasting perfumes for men in India under 300, stores have different categories selling them at different prices. Purchasing perfumes in a store is helpful since you get the assurance of quality while you get a chance to smell them and hence make a favourite choice.

You can also find perfume sellers on various online platforms, including websites and social media platforms. Best perfume under 500 quora referrals can provide a clear overview of what others say about their experience with a particular fragrance.

Have a look at these best men’s perfumes in India presently.

1. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum

Long Lasting Perfumes for Men in India below 500

Among the best perfumes under 300 in India for mens, Wild Stone Ultra Sensual is one of the cheapest. It only goes for 200 rupees, making it the most affordable perfume in India. It has a likable scent that will make you feel comfortable amongst your friends and the general public. Besides, you get to enjoy this perfume while still saving some money. Thus, if you are mindful of your budget and even care about smelling good, then this perfume is a perfect option for you.

2. Set Wet Studio X Perfume

set wet studio X perfume

This is another cheaply available perfume in India that goes for under 225 rupees. It is in a package of an attractive container. Studio X has a great scent that incorporates various supplements from rose, vanilla, and citrus, making it suitable for any event you may be attending. Besides, the smell is not strong and would not piss off individuals around you. Again, this perfume does not strain your budget as it is cheap, and thus, you should not worry about failure to afford a good smell due to inadequate funds at a particular moment.

3. The Man Company – Body Perfume

The Man Company – Body Perfume

Body perfume from The Man Company is one of the long-lasting perfume and still most affordable. It is available for 229 rupees and can last for up to 1000 sprays, which is an impeccable run at such a price. It is well packaged while its scent is suitable for all kind of events and social gatherings. Any men would fall in love with this perfume just buy the general look and more after smelling it.

4. Denver Esteem Perfume

denver esteem perfume

This is one of the best selling men’s perfume in India, especially after the new ombre coloured bottle launch. It is rectangular and the cap is in leather to give the whole package an elegant appearance. Denver Esteem Perfume’s smell lasts in the body for a prolonged period. It encompasses citrus notes, a scent suitable for every occasion, any day. Previous designs included blue, red and green bottles, which were all strong and appealing. Denver Esteem perfume is available in several Indian stores at 349 rupees.

5. Adidas Ice Dive Eau De Toilette

Adidas Ice Dive Eau De Toilette

If you take part in sports, then you understand how sweaty you might become after any such undertaking. The sweat leaves a stinking smell, and it would be best for you if you considered a suitable perfume. Adidas Ice Dive Eau De Toilette is for sportsmen like athletes. It provides total freshness during the entire activity’s undertaking and remains intact after the sport. Even though the perfume’s container seems a bit fragile, there are more benefits to enjoy that surpass this shortcoming. This perfume has citrus notes which provide the amber smell.

6. Fogg Impressio Scent

Fogg Impressio Scent

Available at 470 rupees, Fogg Impressio is one of the most preferred perfumes in India. It is in a classy bottle which gives it an elegant appearance. Besides, it is long lasting since you can use it for up to 800 sprays. Scents include citrus and woody all mixed to give an enduring feature. This cologne is suitable for both young men and adults as well as for any occasion.

7. AXE Signature Gold Italian Perfume

AXE Signature Gold Italian Perfume

Dark is one of the men’s preferred appearance, and this cologne provides the feel. You get it in a stylishly designed dark bottle. The perfume has vanilla and bergamot notes which are suitable for any occasion. Besides, the scent lasts all day while you get to use it for a prolonged period. AXE producers are among the most popular sellers in India, and hence you can find this cologne in several stores around the country.

8. Envy Men Perfume

Envy Men Perfume

This is yet another favourite perfume for men. Actually, it is the best perfume for men in India perfumes for men that integrates green and woody notes. The mixture provides a likable scent that most men prefer for evening occasions and gatherings. What makes it suitable for evening periods is the fact that it is not scented and hence would serve your body when not too much sweating is happening.

9. Marks and Spencer Men Eau De Toilette

If you are thinking of a perfume that includes a wide range of citrus notes, then Marks and Spencer Men Eau de Toilette is a perfect choice for you. It combines citrus notes including lemon, bergamot, and mandarin. Its bottle provides a classy touch while ensuring sturdiness. This perfume long-lasting while it sticks in your body all day long, surviving whatever activities you take part during the entire day.

10. Archives Zeroone Black Diamond Eau De Perfume

Well, you might want to match your scent with that of your partner. While there are best perfumes under 300 in India for ladies, Archives Zeroone is a perfect unisex choice hence suitable for you and your partner. It will save you some cash since it is cheap as well as provide a smooth, appealing scent. It contains pink pepper and rosemary notes as well as white musk and amber base notes.

Final Thoughts

So, if minimizing on spending is your plan, then you should indeed go for best perfumes under 1000 rs for mens, which are available across India. Spend less but still maintain a sweet, fresh smell, and you will always feel comfy around others.

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