Top 10 Long Lasting Perfumes for Her in 2021

What does a woman look for in her perfume? A fragrance that speaks of her style, lasts long, defines her uniqueness and a bonus hit if it is light on her pocket. With the Indian market now offering a plethora of long-lasting perfumes for her in India. It makes it tough to pick that one perfume that ticks all the requirements and stands as your signature scent. 

There’s something magical about perfumes, they empower you, define you, speaks of your persona. A good scent makes you feel confident, invigorate an energetic and creative side in you. It not only lifts your mood but also lends a pleasant impression of your presence in the public. A right perfume speaks of your personality, creates a fresh and appealing atmosphere and lets you claim your power and define grace. These perfumes are like investment pieces, tough to pick, especially when there is a huge selection to pick from but filled with goodness.

We often end up picking fragrances that are too strong for us or too light, to help you in picking the right perfume, here’s an article that gives a detailed insight about the long-lasting perfumes for her that are currently very popular among the masses.

The article vividly lists the best long-lasting fragrances for her, the ones that are most reviewed, bought and celebrated amongst people. You can also learn about the uniqueness of each perfume and understand what makes them a distinguished scent, what are their fragrance notes and from where you can buy them? These products are listed based on their prices and how well suited for different occasions. A quick and helpful guide that will surely help you pick your signature scent and will also answer your common doubts around perfumes.

#1 Ajmal Sacred Love

Ajmal sacred love 50ml perfume for women

Founded in the early 1950s, Ajmal perfume is a story of a ‘Farmer to a Perfumer’. With almost seven decades of experience in the intricate art of perfumery, Ajmal perfumes stand as a pioneer in the creation of perfume and serve a global clientele.


Talking about the packaging of the product, the perfume is packed in a deep red bottle with a golden collar lends the perfume a personality of glamour and romanticism, imitating Sacred Love. Top notes are fresh, floral and citrusy with a hint of jasmine, water lily and sandalwood as heart notes and a trail of captivating floral musk as the base note.

A fresh musky floral fragrance from Ajmal which is ideal for formal and casual occasions and is skin-friendly and is priced at 1,200 INR for a 50 ml bottle.

#2 Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum

Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum

Avon has stood for women and provided innovative and quality beauty products via women representatives. The brand has been working and boosting women empowerment and entrepreneurship.


As the brand defines, this perfume is categorized as an oriental floral fragrance and is raved by a lot of women for its longevity and versatility.

Packed in an elegant square bottle with a golden collar that lends this perfume an elite and rich appeal. The richness of fragrance is well-spoken in the fragrant notes, Cyclamen, Coriander, African ginger, Apricot blossom and Honeysuckle in the top note, Ylang-Ylang, Pink Peony and Gardenia as heart notes. Base notes are Sandalwood, Tonka beans, Musk and Japanese Plum that gives perfume an edge of versatility and can be sported as a daily wear. 

Decently priced at 1350 INR for a 50 ml bottle, this fragrance is a great pick if you are all about rich and oriental fragrances.

#3 Titan Skinn Nude Eau De Parfum For Women

SKINN BY TITAN Nude Eau De Parfum For Women

Titan Skinn Nude is wildly popular and a bestseller fragrance which is crafted from floral fruity and woody family which evokes sensuality, elegance, and romance. Crafted by perfumers in France Skinn perfumes are long-lasting and bring an assortment of scents, each with unique fragrance notes.


With the top note that gives a hint of Lychee, bergamot and raspberry with rose petals and violets as heart notes and Sandalwood, tonka beans, firewood and musk as base notes. You are sure to grab a lot of compliments with this fragrance.

Nude is one of the finest fragrances from the Titan Skinn range which is skin-friendly and perfect daily wear and priced at 2,195 INR for 100 ml bottle.

#4 Hugo Boss Woman Eau De Parfum

Hugo Boss Woman Eau De Parfum

After the enormous success of their first creation, Hugo Woman, the creators launched Hugo Boss Woman, another very affordable high-end scent.

The perfume carries sweet fragrant notes which can be categorized as fresh, fragrant and unique.


Crafted for independent and fierce women who are elegant yet provocative, the scent celebrates the individuality of a woman. A light floral scent permeated with iris, black tea, plums, and jasmine in the top note and finished with warm sandalwood, cedarwood and amber base notes that lends depth and sensuality to the perfume.

 From the fruity floral family, the scent is priced at 1,800 INR for a 30 ml bottle and is recommended for evening wear.

#5 Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her Eau de Parfum

Design house Paco Rabanne is known for creating striking and exceptional fragrances that define the cultural benchmarks. The Paco Rabanne fragrances with their exceptional composition are known to leave a strong impression on everyone.


In order with the brand’s persona, Paco Ranne Pure XS is one of a kind striking and an exceptional scent. The fragrance has an oriental floral note that speaks of splendour and sensuousness. The face and the muse for this creation was American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski.

The perfume formula is an explosion of ylang-ylang, vanilla, popcorn note, sandalwood and ambrette seeds. A casual wear perfume priced at 5,125 INR for a 50 ml bottle will surely land you with a lot of compliments. 

#6 Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

One of the most identifiable brands, Versace perfumes are crafted with traditions blended with provocation and daring, the brand proclaims itself as an olfactory dedication to excellence.


Inspired by Eros, the God of Love, Versace Eros comes in a rounded embellished metallic golden bottle with a detailed cap with Greek motifs on the edges. The scent opens up with Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot and Pomegranate accords, making way for the heart notes of Lemon, Sambac Jasmine and Peony while base notes leave a trail of sandalwood musk and alchemy of woody notes. 

A strong and powering fragrance that captures the radiance and sensual essence of a woman. The notes are vibrant, and fresh and convey the authentic and timeless femininity. 

The grace and elegance of the scent come out well in the elegant packaging, priced at 6,200 INR for a 50 ml bottle, the scent can be picked for selected occasions.

#7 Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau De Parfum

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau De Parfum

The house of Elizabeth Arden, known for introducing a range of fine fragrances that are versatile, enigmatic, long-lasting and exotic. Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume carries a composition that celebrates sophistication and intrigue of the modern woman.


Exotic alchemy of luxury and floral composition that leaves a mysterious, sensuous and magnetic aura behind. Classy and elegantly packed perfume bottle that whiffs top notes of black currant, bergamot and pink pepper open into the heart notes of pear, gardenia, peony and jasmine which further lends a magnetic trail of sandalwood, musk and amber base notes. 

A fragrance that will surely get you a lot of compliments can be worn at special occasions like cocktail parties, dinner with friends and is priced at 5,900 INR for a 100 ml bottle.

#8 Issey Miyake Rose & Rose Eau De Parfum for Women

Issey Miyake Rose & Rose Eau De Parfum for Women

From the house of Issey Miyake, Rose & Rose is a powerful fragrance that lends a feminine, intense and captivating aroma, unveiling the wildness of a rose. 


The perfume carries an exotic and smooth blend of spicy and fruity notes with damascene roses and a double concentration of centifolia. Personified as a stick of rose the perfume is packaged in a sleek ombre pink bottle.

Layered in the top notes of Pink Pepper, Raspberry and Pear with Bulgarian rose, Rose and Osmanthus and with a mystic hint of Amber, Patchouli and cashmere wood. A popular fragrance priced at 5,550 INR for a 50 ml bottle can be sported for casual and formal occasions.

#9 Elie Saab Girl of Now forever Eau De Parfum for Women

Elie Saab Girl of Now forever Eau De Parfum for Women

Amongst the finest range of Elie Saab Girl, Now Forever is defined as a sweet fruity fragrance that promises colorful and joyful adventure. A scent packed with positive and charismatic vibrations expressing jubilant and graceful femininity.


A smooth and captivating fragrance with a long-lasting appeal that opens with lemon zest and raspberries as top notes. The fresh top notes further unveil the rose, black currant, almond and orange blossom heart notes settling in patchouli, vanilla, and musk base notes. 

Launched in 2019 this brand defines the fragrance as an ode to friendship, youth and life. Packed in a bottle with a coral flower neck which matches the colour of the perfume, priced at 7,250 INR for a 90 ml bottle.

#10 COACH Floral Blush Eau De Parfum Natural Spray for Women

COACH Floral Blush Eau De Parfum Natural Spray for Women

From the brand that is popular for its leather products delivers a signature fragrance with a rich earthy tone. Floral Blush delivers a smooth and captivating floral scent inspired by the brand’s signature Tea Rose. Blended with refined top notes of citrus grapefruit with goji berries and the heart is enlivened with floral and peony with sensual smooth woods, it is a fragrance packed with attraction, desire and passion. 


A delightfully sweet scent with an oval bottle with pink ombre tint that carries the brand’s emblem in the centre. The perfume bottle similar to Coach’s bags features a turn-lock mechanism, the bottleneck is further adorned with floral leather trim with a silver hang tag. The packaging of the bottle lends a cute yet classy appeal to the product. 

If you are a person who appreciates floral scents, then this is a sugary sweet perfume you can invest in. The perfume is priced at 4,950 INR for a 50 ml bottle.

How to Use Long Lasting Perfumes for Her?

Spritz your perfume at the warm points of your body which are the wrists, nape of the neck, elbow bend and behind your knees. Also, keep your skin well moisturized as perfume tends to evaporate faster from dry skin.

Wear other skincare products in accordance with your perfume notes, you can pick your shower gel and body lotion and layer your fragrance that will help in making your scent last longer.

What is the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

What differentiates a Parfum from Toilette is the concentration of water or alcohol added to the perfumed oil. Parfum carries 15-25% of perfume oil dissolved in alcohol (which is the highest concentration) hence it tends to last long.

What is a fragrance note?

An individual element of a perfume is called a note. Different notes are layered to create a distinguished fragrance.

What are the top, middle (heart) and base notes?

The different fragrant notes that you smell after you spray perfume are classified into three different notes namely; Top, middle or heart and base.

The strongest scent that you smell when you spritz a perfume is the top note that lingers for 10-15 minutes and then unveils the middle/ heart note which is often referred as the body of the perfume, which tends to stay for a couple of hours. The deep and rich scent that lingers throughout the day is the base note.

To know your notes is an important aspect that you should be aware of before you hit the stores to invest in a good perfume. The knowledge and understanding of the fragrant notes can help you pick the right perfume which will compliment your persona.

What are fragrance families?

Fragrances are grouped and classified in a lot of systems but the most common system in use is where aromas are grouped in 7 major categories namely; Greens, Floral, Aldehylics, Chypre, Oriental, Fougere, and Tobacco/Leather.

What is the difference between essential oil and perfume oil?

Essential oils are fragrant liquid plant extracts that cannot be used directly on the skin, they need a carrier oil for such use. Whereas perfume oils can be natural or synthetic with an oily base and can be used directly on the skin.

How much is too much perfume?

A scent circle is defined as of your arm’s length, anything that overpowers and goes beyond your scent circle is too much of a perfume. It is suggested to confide with your good friend who can help you know your ‘Scent Circle’.

How can I layer perfumes?

The layering of perfumes does not necessarily mean spritzing two different perfumes on top of each other but applying different products to accentuate a fragrance. For example, you can layer your signature scent by using a shower gel, body lotion and perfume of the same fragrance notes.

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